Connecting Aluminium To Steel

Our firm concentrate in both manual and also robotic welding, making it possible for us to customise the manufacturing method to provide you the repeatability and overall flexibility you require. Read More at QMC EMI

This involves working with different metals, including linking aluminium to steel read more here about our sheet metal fabrication to see exactly what we can do sheet metal fabrication

Not automatic welding, a standard procedure, is a lower cost solution for low volume tasks and assembly tooling. It requires less programming and a shorter start-up time, instead relying on the years of knowledge and training of our experienced craftsmen. Robotic welding is the innovation based approach for welding systems that demand high repeatability.

There are many advantages of robotic welding, including decreased piece price over the life of the job, more robust processing in higher volume programs, and increased rate and flow.

Contact us today at QMC EMI to see which welding procedure is most ideal for your next program.