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Songwriting and Storytelling workshops: "From Story to Song"

Over the past twenty-five years, Mitch has developed specialized workshops tailored for small groups of both youths and adults. The final product is a unique song that is collaboratively written by the groups and set to music. But, it’s the process of finding a voice, sharing a story, and building comfort, trust, and collaboration that makes this workshop so moving for its participants. Special audiences have included: at risk teens; religious, youth and service groups; very special arts; and recovering addicts served through a special program offered by Kentucky’s drug courts.

In this workshop Mitch introduces the participants to the basics of storytelling through games and drama exercises. These simple games and exercises not only teach basic techniques, but also build trust between participants and sets the stage for "digging deeper."

Once this community is established, it is time to move into the songwriting. When Mitch moves into songwriting, he emphasizes fundamentals of songwriting (EG: finding your voice, rhyming scheme, verse, chorus, bridge structure, rhythm, time, signature) all the while facilitation discussion that helps the group find a common theme in the stories shared. These commonalities form a platform for the actual songwriting process.

For the best outcome, a minimum of two to four hour space of time should be allotted for this workshop. Mitch also does a version of this workshop at full-day retreats. It's not only enjoyable and enlightening, but leaves the participants with renewed self-confidence and a sense of belonging. 

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