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Mitch comes from a family with deep musical roots, his Grandparents on both sides played music in the home, church, and at community gatherings. Most of the Appalachian Storytelling in his shows comes directly from his Grandfather, Bunk Gay, who was known throughout the region for his ability to spin yarn. When his Grandfather died, a Kentucky fox hunting magazine ran an article entitled "Kentucky Loses one of its Best Storytellers." Mitch is proud of his Appalachian roots and it's evident in his performances. He enjoys exposing audiences to "contemporary Appalachia" in an effort to dispel long-held Appalachian stereotypes.

Mitch regularly performs concert assemblies for elementary and high schools, colleges, and special groups. His performances consist of traditional Appalachian songs and stories, and can be custom tailored to emphasize arts, history, culture and humanities curriculum.

Assemblies and performances range from (# hrs.) with large groups and multi-day sessions with smaller more intimate groups. Schools often benefit from working collaboratively with public libraries, youth groups and local music venues to bring Mitch to their town.

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